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General Information and Safety Instructions

The products listed here are solvent based, air dry products. As such, they are less toxic than catalyzed products. However, proper safety precautions should be observed. People with underlying health concerns and children should not inhale aerosol vapors. Use of these products in confined spaces or near open flames, such as basements, is discouraged. The use of a respirator, eye protection and latex gloves is encouraged. Surplus or waste liquids must be disposed of properly. Rags contaminated with paint or solvents should never be stored indoors as there is the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Air dry coatings are sometimes called "reversible" coatings. That is, after drying to a solid, it could revert back to a liquid if saturated with certain solvents or gasoline. For this reason a catalyzed clear would be best on a motorcycle tank.

Avoid applying these products in excessive humidity or under 50 degrees F. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Avoid exposing freshly painted surfaces to water for 24 hours, water spots could result.

In general, cool temperatures retard or slow down flash and dry times. Warm temperatures accelerate or speed up dry times. A little air movement over fresh paint speeds up drying. Excessively thick paint surfaces dry slower than lesser film builds. For purposes of buffing or a re-do a water sanded or scuffed surface dries out faster than a not sanded coating.

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