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Car Paint FAQ

What credit cards do you accept?

Payments are processed through the PayPal payment server. You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or your PayPal Account.

We chose PayPal as our payment server because if is safe and secure. We don't see or store your credit card information. If you are not familiar with PayPal, this screenshot may help, and of course, you can contact us for additional help.

What exactly is it that goes into these spray cans of color?

It is a major U.S. and European paint line used as an OEM finish Worldwide. It was mixed to match the OEM standard for your vehicle. It is among the same liquids we sell to professional refinishers every day, just packaged in a spray can. It is solvent based and will air dry.

Are you saying professionals use the same product?

Yes, in larger sizes like pints and quarts, and in spray cans.

Shops are using spray cans?

Yes, similarly to the way you will use one. As cars have gotten smaller many repairs have gotten smaller. A pint of base coat could be $50.00 to $60.00 and be enough to spray two panels. Many repairs do not require that much product.

Could an aerosol of color react or "lift" the surface I apply it over?

With spray paint almost anything is possible, but that is very unlikely. Lifting usually occurs when a lacquer product is applied over a feather-edged surface of uncured air dry coatings. If your vehicle has old previous finishes on it that you have penetrated you should do a small test area first.

If I order several cans of the same color will they be an exact match to one another?

Yes because we will mix one bulk quantity and then fill each spray can from that. We will retain your mix information for possible future reference.

Are you using micro-fiche and scales to mix paint?

No, we are using the "Expert" computerized mixing system.

What can I expect for coverage?

Expect it to be similar to that of other 15 oz. spray cans. However, there are several variables including the characteristics of that particular color, the color of the substrate, and the shape of the surface being painted.

Is there anything special I need to know about these spray cans?

No, just the routine things like shake until the can rattles and purge the tip of paint when done by spraying upside down for a few seconds. If you should need to remove the tip to clean it in solvent, when re-installing it twist it into the opening so you do not disturb the "o" ring inside the can.

I'm not sure if I need Base Coat or Single Stage color. What do I do?

Tell us what brand vehicle you have, the year and paint code. If your vehicle has the original finish on it we can tell you what it is.

My car had an overall paint job done on it in the past but in the original color. What should I order?

Give us the original color info and check to see if your car was clearcoated. If there are any scuffs in the finish that show as white (even though the car is some other color) it is clearcoated. You could also water sand (with 1000 grit or finer) some small inconspicuous area and if the sanding sludge is white it is clearcoat. Based on this information and the condition of the existing finish we'll make a decision together as to what to use for the repair.

My car had an overall paint job done on it in a color other than the original color. I have information on that color, can you cross reference it?

Usually we can.

My car had an overall paint job done on it in a color other than the original color and I have no information on the color. Can you help me?

The best way to proceed is to send us a panel to match with our spectrophotometer. A 3" x 3" panel will do but 6" X 6" is better. A panel you do not need back is best since we can get sample paint on it but we'll work with whatever you have.

My vehicle is several years old, it may have been painted and looks decent. I'd just like to clean up the rust spots so it looks good from 50 feet. I don't care about clearcoating and blending. What do you suggest?

This is a job for single stage paint. Assuming the color is the original color, although refinished, give us the vehicle, code and year info. Clean up the rust trying to get to bare steel. Spray a couple coats of self etch primer, let flash and put color on.

I have a late model vehicle, I'm sure it's not faded, why can't I give you the color info and get a panel match? Why should I expect to blend?

Because the cars coming off the assembly line do not match one another. One reason is that the metallic particle which is a component of almost every color is distorted by the mixing equipment agitating the vats of color being applied to the vehicles. So the cars sprayed early on with that vat of color do not match those that get the bottom of the barrel.

Other reasons are that vehicle manufacturers use multiple paint suppliers and they may not match one another perfectly. The same color may be used in more than one assembly plant under different circumstances with different equipment. Also, different sealer colors under the base color influence the finished color slightly.

Color variation is a known fact in the refinish industry which is the reason insurance companies pay for "tint and blend" time.

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